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Goldfish Connection provides our customers with sound advice on goldfish information, caring for goldfish and goldfish disease. Plus, we stock custom made foods and tested medications for good goldfish health.

Goldfish Connection also offers a limited number of "Show Quality" imported Chinese, Japanese and Fancy Goldfish from Thailand to the serious Goldfish Collector and experienced Goldfish Breeders.

We’ll show you how to keep your goldfish happy and in top health. If you're interested in different goldfish types, breeding goldfish and beautiful goldfish pictures, Goldfish Connection is the goldfish web site for you!

With over 1,000 goldfish pictures of the show quality fancy goldfish that we have imported, you'll find goldfish pictures you have never seen before. These goldfish pictures are not taken from books or other web sites.

The goldfish in the pictures have been imported by us from around the world! Pictures of all goldfish types, orandas, ranchus, jikins, bubble eyes, lionheads, ryukins, telescopes, tosakins, celestial, comets, pearlscales, phoenix, wakins and more!

We're here to answer questions about caring for goldfish, goldfish diseases and goldfish care for you, plus, help you obtain beautiful, healthy Goldfish of unmatched quality for your aquarium and goldfish pond. If you are a customer of Goldfish Connection and need help caring for goldfish, just ask, we are here to help you. Rick

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Green Seaweed Delight

An Excellent Source of natural protein and fiber!

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NO Hormones, NO Artificial Coloring, NO Chicken or Beef Bi-Products and No Blood Meal! Just fresh, high quality, 100% natural ingredients, produced and milled in a Federal inspected plant right here in the United States
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Excellent for treating, Hexamita, the first signs of dropsy and skinny goldfish.
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25 Watt U.V. a real power house!!
Installs in less than 10 minutes, then do the simple paper towel test and your ready to go!
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Finally a medicated food developed just for GOLDFISH! You no longer have to break up those Huge medicated Trout and Catfish pellets that your Goldfish refuse to eat. MEDI GOLD is a small slow sinking pellet, loaded with krill, shrimp and other ingredients
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Fancy Goldfish
Rated around the world as one of the best Goldfish Books written in forty years !! Hardcover, 176 pages
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We take pride in the health of our Goldfish!

Out of all the hundreds of thousands of fancy goldfish imported into the United States each year, very few can pass our high standards to qualify as "Show Quality" goldfish.

Good Goldfish Care starts with healthy goldfish, free from goldfish disease and goldfish parasites. To make sure our goldfish are healthy enough to be placed in your goldfish aquarium or goldfish pond. We quarantine all of our goldfish for at least 30 days before we ship them to you. It is more work and expense for us, but our Quarantine Policy insures you that your Goldfish from us will arrive at your door strong, healthy, and insures us a happy customer.

All of our goldfish are hand picked for us, so we can insure you that your imported selections are the very finest Goldfish available. Our prices range from $39.99 to hundreds of dollars per fish. Keep watching our Goldfish Showroom for all our NEW arrivals. Some are one of a kind!

Staying ahead of the curve by developing the best goldfish foods and medications to keep your goldfish happy and healthy has always been our goal! 

Enjoy our Goldfish site and remember, if you are a Goldfish Connection customer and need help we're here,

Goldfish Connection

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