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One reason why goldfish hide! Goldfish Care
One reason why goldfish hide!

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My biggest concern is unhealthy goldfish behavior.  My goldfish hide at the bottom of the tank inside of a cave ornament.  They perk up and swim excitedly over when they see me and are eating VERY well.  They swim around after feeding,  beg for more food, and pick-up gravel etc and otherwise act very normal. No flashing, gasping for air or abnormal behavior and my water tests perfect . Can you help me Rick?" Thank you,  Julia C.

Here's the answer that solved her problem:

You can never have too much filtration, however, you can have too much current. Too much current in your goldfish aquarium will weaken and stress your goldfish. Strong current for your goldfish is like you being on an electric treadmill 24 hours a day. Some goldfish will stay in the same location of your goldfish aquarium just to keep out of the current.

Here are two tests you can do to help you determine the current in your goldfish aquarium. Shut of your filters and air stones for a short time and see if your goldfish become more active. Or take a small button tied to a thread (not string) and hold one end of the thread and lower the button into your goldfish aquarium (do not let the button touch the bottom of your tank). Move the button around to different locations in your goldfish aquarium. If the current is strong the button will move with the current. 

Here's what Julia had to say after she made some changes:

" You are the ONLY one that has suggested this and I think you have something. I have made some adjustments in the tank keeping most of the water movement in one area and the fish seem to already be spending more time out of the cave."


Check your current BEFORE you start treating your goldfish for a health problem that they do not have.

Enjoy our Goldfish Friends,
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