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Bacterial Infections a very serious Goldfish Disease!
Goldfish Disease
Bacterial Infections, the Causes and the Treatments

One of the most common bacterial infections found in Goldfish are ulcers (aeromonas). One other bacterial infection that has just been diagnosed in the past few years is the deadly Wen Bacteria (hole in the head) and has caused many deaths.

Lets discuss the Ulcers first:

a very serious goldfish disease! Your goldfish develop  red open sores on their body. The ulcers will grow larger and larger if not treated and eventually will kill your goldfish.
# 1- Weaken immune system, caused by poor diet, lack of high quality nutrition and vitamins, especially Vitamin C. High quality goldfish food is a must! 

# 2 - Parasites, flukes, fish lice, anchor worm, and others. How do they cause ulcers? The ulcers are caused by the parasites biting the fish, dropping off and leaving a hole in your fish's slime coat for the bad bacteria (aeromonas) in your water to enter the fish's body causing ulcers.
# 3 - Anything that will remove the slime coat from your goldfish could cause ulcers, such as, decorations, sharp rocks, sharp filter intakes, ect.

# 4 - Poor goldfish care, bad water conditions, no water changes and dirty filters with sludge. 

Ulcer Treatment:
As soon as you see the beginning of an ulcer, which looks like a raised scale with some red custard underneath it, you must treat at once.The faster the ulcer is treated the less chance it has to grow and believe me they can grow larger than a silver dollar and a quarter of an inch or more deep!

# 1- The ulcer must be cleaned. Use hydrogen peroxide or iodine on a Q-Tip to clean the ulcer, do not let the treatment get into the gills, eyes or mouth. One treatment is enough, more than one can damage the new healthy tissue and keep the ulcer open.

# 2- Start giving antibiotics. If injections are not possible, give them a bath treatment in Anti-Bac-Bath (nitrofurazone) and start feeding a good medicated food like Medi-Gold .  After four days, if the ulcer is not showing signs of healing or is growing, injections of antibiotics must be given.
# 3- Last but not least "the cause" of the ulcers must be eliminated. To help eliminate this deadly goldfish disease you must treat for goldfish parasites and remove any objects in your goldfish aquarium.

A - Nutrition
Improve the immune system with custom made high quality food like our Pro-Gold that has an immune stimulant and stabilized vitamin C.
Treat your fish for fourteen to 30 days with our Metro-Meds to eliminate some of the nutrition sucking internal parasites that will keep your fish from reaching their full growth and health.

B - Parasites
 All Parasites must be eliminated, please see "Parasites" under "Health" on this site, the info will help you with all your parasite problems.
C - Poor Water Conditions
 No excuses ;-) just take the time to do your water changes, keep your filters free from sludge and take your test for ammonia, nitrites, pH, KH and nitrates. Give good proper goldfish care.

The Deadly Hole in the Wen Disease!!

The type of goldfish you will find this goldfish disease striking, will be the goldfish with headgrowth (wen) like the oranda goldfish, lionhead goldfish and ranchu.   

There have been some cases of this serious wen problem over the last few years. It is a deadly goldfish disease!!! 

This is how it starts: the wen develops a small blister; it opens, and the spot becomes red, deeper and larger, very quickly eating the entire wen away and killing the goldfish.

Some Goldfish Collectors have told me that the upsetting part is, it took from a week to a month for their new goldfish to show any signs of "Hole in the Head". Others less than five days. One Goldfish Collector lost thirty seven show quality goldfish in ten days!

With some research and the help of Dr. Matthews, Goldfish Connection developed Metro-Meds that saved hundreds of goldfish from this deadly goldfish disease.

Here's the steps that should be done ASAP!!

1- Clean the wen with hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip (just once)
Give shots of Baytril, one tenth CC everyday for 5 days.

If you do not see an improvement within three days or if the blister is growing, change to Amikacin.

Note: Amikacin can be used at a dosage of one tenth CC every OTHER day for three injections TOTAL, however, using Amikacin at this high dosage you are taking the risk of blowing the kidneys out of your fish.  Because of the reduced risk,  I would recommend Baytril first, if it does not work, switch to Amikacin. DO NOT GIVE MORE THAN 3 INJECTIONS OF AMIKACIN.

3- Feed our New Metro-Meds food for 14 to 30 days. This is very important.

Treat ALL the fish that were exposed to the infected fish.  

With good goldfish care, quality goldfish food like our Pro-Gold   and some simple steps you can prevent these deadly goldfish diseases.  

If you have questions, please e-mail me,


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