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Goldfish Care, Goldfish Disease!

What two life supporting elements in your goldfish tank can be related to your home?
A home without a solid foundation will fall. A pH without a solid foundation of carbonates (KH) will fall.

One important factor in good goldfish care is maintaining a solid foundation of carbonate hardness (KH) in your goldfish pond or goldfish aquarium, in order to maintain a stable pH. 
A fall in your pH can stress your goldfish and if low enough can even kill them ( know as a ph crash!). pH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. A reading of 7 is neutral, below 7 your water is "Acid" above 7 your water is "Alkaline". Goldfish like "Alkaline" water. A good pH reading for goldfish is 7.5 or better.
The carbonates (KH) in your goldfish pond or goldfish aquarium determine stability of your pH. Your goldfish and your good bacteria need and use up the carbonates in your goldfish pond and goldfish aquarium everyday. Without a good carbonate base in your water, your pH will fall below 7 and your water will be in the "Acid" range. Here at Goldfish Connection we have a pH reading of 8.4. I do not believe in lowering pH in an aged goldfish tank unless it is very high ( 9 or over ).
You can raise your pH very quickly in your goldfish pond or goldfish aquarium without hurting your fish, however, if your pH drops even two points, from 8 to a 6 (pH crash) over a few hours, your goldfish will become VERY stressed and could even die. 

When a pH crash strikes, many Goldfish Collectors think they have some kind of a goldfish disease and start medicating goldfish. When all they have to do is a major water change ans add a good buffer like our Buff-It-Up to raise their KH. 

note: A high pH in a new goldfish pond and goldfish aquarium with a high ammonia reading can be a problem, because ammonia is more toxic with a high pH. I still would not drop the pH, I would do massive water changes to bring down the high ammonia reading.

Conclusion: Your goldfish pond and goldfish aquarium must have a high enough reading of KH to maintain your pH at 7.5 or higher between water changes. If your pH is dropping below a reading of 7 between water changes, you must add a buffer like our "Buff-it-Up " which contains life supporting carbonates to give your pH a good foundation of KH. 


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