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Plecos in the Goldfish Aquarium?
Plecos in the Goldfish Aquarium?
When will your Pleco strike your Goldfish?

Many Goldfish Collectors have a problem with algae on the glass of their Goldfish Aquarium. Good green algae is a sign of a healthy goldfish aquarium. In fact, green algae can tell you when there is a problem with the environment of your goldfish aquarium before you realize the problem yourself. If the algae in your goldfish aquarium starts to die, it's a warning signal that something is wrong. It's the same as the "Canary in the Cage" the coal Miners here in Pennsylvania used many years ago. They would take a canary in a cage into the deep under ground coal mines, if the canary fell off it's perch the coal miners would run for their lives. The canary would die from the first sign of any toxic gasses in the mine, giving the miners time to exit before they were overcome from the gasses. If the green algae in your aquarium suddenly dies, your fish can't "run for their lives", they depend on you to protect them. 

However, if you want to remove the algae from the front glass of your goldfish aquarium, I would suggest you use a good type of a remover like the magnetic type we offer in our Goldfish Connection store. It's very easy to use and you don't get your hands into the water.

Another method that is suggested to remove the algae from your goldfish aquarium is a plecostomus (Pleco). Yes, they will do a great job of keeping your goldfish aquarium clean from algae, however, they also can cause life threatening problems for your goldfish.

Here's how : Every goldfish has a "slime coat", a slime coat to a goldfish is like a "suit of armor" to a Knight. The slime coat protects your goldfish from the bad bacteria in your goldfish aquarium. When the slime coat of your goldfish is pierced the bacteria enters your goldfish's body and causes bacterial sores (ulcers). I've seen these ulcers the size of silver dollars!
What does this have to do with Plecos? When your goldfish is sleeping, the pleco could crawl on the body of your goldfish and eat the slime coat causing your goldfish to be exposed to all the bad bacteria in your goldfish aquarium.

I know some of you have had Plecos in with your goldfish for a long time with no problems, however, all I can share with you is, I receive many e-mails everyday, and a week does not go by without someone having a pleco problem. Some Goldfish Collectors have had them with their goldfish for years and one night the pleco decided to change it's diet from algae to "slime coat". Some Goldfish Collectors have plecos only days and their goldfish are in big trouble.

Types of Plecos. There are hundreds of types of Plecos, all colors shapes and sizes. The e-mails I receive from my Goldfish Collectors tell me none are safe with goldfish. If you're lucky, maybe your pleco will never change its diet, however, do you really want to take that chance??

Thanks for your time,
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