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Goldfish Types "Ranchu"


The mighty Ranchu, "King" of the goldfish of J apan! The Ranchu has a short, round body and short fins with no dorsal fin. The tail is set at a sharp angle to the back, and may have three or four lobes. The ancestors of the Ranchu date back to the late 1600s and these varieties had no head growth. Starting in the early 1800s pictures show some signs of head growth which can be very prominent on the Ranchu of today.

Japan has huge goldfish Ranchu competitions. The ranchus are shown in shallow bowls and judged from the top, unlike the Chinese goldfish breeders who judge their goldfish Ranchu from the side. Ranchu breeders come from all over the country with to compete for the title of Champion Goldfish Ranchu Breeder. Goldfish breeders give their ranchus good goldfish care and make sure they are free from goldfish diseases. Ranchus in Japan are bred and raised in shallow ponds, not aquariums.

The Edo Nishiki is a calico Ranchu first produced in Tokyo in 1951 by crossing a Ranchu with an Azuma Nishiki. The most popular and highest winning Chinese Edo Nishiki ever imported into the U.S was China Gold, imported by Goldfish Connection and bred by Tung Hoi. Her picture is above. 

If you are looking for a great goldfish to collect, the "Goldfish King of Japan" is for you. 
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