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Goldfish Care: Humane Euthanasia

How to put a severely sick Goldfish, humanely to sleep.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try we just can't save our goldfish friends. There comes a time when we must stop their unnecessary suffering no matter how much it hurts us.

I would like to share with you two very humane methods.

Method One: Pure Clove Oil

Pure clove oil can be purchased in a drug store, health food store and sometimes even a grocery store. In fact we had so many request for Oil of Cloves we now offer it on our Goldfish Connection store.

Fill a half gallon container or smaller with tank water, add your sick goldfish. Half fill a small jar with tank water, add one full teaspoon of clove oil and shake well until the water turns white. Add the clove water to the container with your goldfish. Your goldfish should stop breathing and appear dead within minutes. If he doesn't, add more of the oil of cloves. Keep your goldfish in the solution for ten minutes, then place him in a baggie or food container and put him in your freezer. Note: the AVMA recommends 10 times the anesthetic dose, which is 5 drops per gallon for Oil of Cloves, a teaspoon full is many times this amount. 

Method Two: Baking Soda  (carbon dioxide)

If you don't have pure oil of gloves available and the pH of your water is between 6.5 and 8.5 you can use Baking Soda.

Fill a half gallon container or smaller with tank water, add 4 ounces of baking soda, mix well until all the baking soda is dissolved and add your sick goldfish. The baking soda added to the water produces unconsciousness by increasing the carbon dioxide. Wait ten minutes after r espiration stops. Then place your goldfish in a baggie or food container and put him in your freezer.

Everyone has their own ideas which is the most humane method, I prefer the Oil of Cloves.

I know it's not easy to have to make the decision to put your goldfish to sleep, especially after you become attached to them. But after all the loving care you have given them and they still are very sick and you know they are suffering, the time must come when you must relieve them from their pain.

The important thing is that you don't blame yourself for their death. You did your best and sometimes that's just not good enough to cure a terminal health problem. 


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