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Goldfish Care: Goldfish Aquarium Gone Bad!
Goldfish Aquarium Gone Bad!

Goldfish aquariums can go bad and some need to be broken down and cleaned. Some of the causes can be, too much sludge build up in the gravel, or when there has been lots of sickness in the goldfish aquarium or even when a goldfish aquarium has been treated with chemicals. Sometimes a goldfish aquarium just needs a good cleaning.

When I maintained over fifty goldfish aquariums in sizes from 40 gallons to 125 gallons, I had some goldfish aquariums that I never had to break down for years. Just doing routine water changes and filter maintenance the aquariums stayed healthy. However, I also had goldfish aquariums that went what I call "sour". The "sour" goldfish aquariums looked great, tested fine and to look at them you would think the goldfish in them would thrive, however, that was not the case. These "sour" goldfish aquariums would always have more sickness in them than my other aquariums. As soon as I noticed this problem with an aquarium, I broke the goldfish aquarium down and did a major cleaning. After the cleaning and when the "good bugs" were re-established in the filter I had no more problems.

Please note:
I'm not saying that just because you had a few goldfish become sick in your goldfish aquarium you should break down your aquarium. Starting with a new cleaned goldfish aquarium can be stressful on your goldfish and lots of work for you. What I am saying is, if you have a goldfish aquarium that has been set up for a period of time and no matter what you do, your goldfish are always sick, then, and only then, would I consider breaking down that goldfish aquarium.

Breaking down a Goldfish Aquarium:
Let me share with you how I break down and clean a goldfish aquarium. This is my way, but it's not the only way.
Please remember, you want to sterilize everything in your goldfish aquarium that you are going to reuse including the filter, artificial plants and decorations, it will be like starting a brand new goldfish aquarium. If you planned on replacing your thick layer of small size colored gravel with a thin layer of polished river rocks, now is the time to do it. Remove all the old gravel from your aquarium and throw it out. Do not add the new polished river rocks at this time.

Make sure the aquarium is filled to the top. Do not remove anything from the goldfish aquarium except the goldfish. If you use live plants throw them out. Remove all the filter pads from the filter, do not remove the bio filter material like our Bio-Stars or bio-wheels.
Add bleach to the goldfish aquarium, the amount depends on the size of your aquarium. One cup of Clorox per 100 gallons is what I use. Note: be very careful with the bleach and the bleached aquarium water, as you know bleach can ruin your carpet!

Let your filter run and your air stones on for 10 minutes. Now unplug your air pump, filter and anything else electric you have for your goldfish aquarium. Take all the electric parts off your filter and place your filter box and contents into the aquarium water. Remove the airlines and air stones from your air pump and place them in your aquarium water. Now clean under and around the whole top edge of your goldfish aquarium, you are going to be surprised how much grime there is under this edge. Let your aquarium set for 15 minutes.

Now remove everything in the tank and rinse them under tap water to remove any sludge. Next drain your goldfish aquarium, wipe dry and let set for an hour. Now add your new washed , polished river rocks. Next, add a good dechlor like our De-Tox Plus (double dose) to the aquarium. Then add the tap water, wait 20 minutes then add your filter and decorations. Wait 10 minutes then add your goldfish. Make sure the temp of the water is the same as the container in which they were kept .

It's a lot of work to break down a goldfish aquarium and should not be done unless you know your aquarium has gone "sour". The results from following these "break down" steps, will be like starting with a brand new goldfish aquarium and that means going through the "new tank syndrome" which takes time and lots of water changes.

In my experience I found doing a total goldfish aquarium break down really improves the health of a goldfish aquarium gone bad.
The break down of your goldfish aquarium will eliminate goldfish disease and goldfish parasites .
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