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Water to your Goldfish is like the Air you breath!
Water to your goldfish is like the Air you breath!

The water in your Goldfish Aquarium must be kept fresh and clean at all times. Please remember, it's the water that supplies the oxygen to your goldfish, just like the air you breath. How long would you live if the air around you was toxic?
Just because your goldfish aquarium water looks crystal clear does not mean that it safe for your goldfish. Plus, don't take the quality of your tap water for granted. Just because you are able to drink it does not make it safe for your goldfish. Tap water can contain all kinds of substances that may be toxic to your goldfish. The problem is tap water in many cities may vary from day to day, due to the amount of chemicials it takes that day to make your drinking water safe. That's why it's so important to your goldfish for you to maintain the highest quality water possible in your goldfish aquarium.

Here's how you can make your Tap Water safe and healthy for your goldfish!

1#. Use a good
water conditioner that REMOVES the ammonia , chlorine, chlormines and heavy metals from your tap water. Our De-Tox Plus is an excellent water conditioner for this purpose.

This is one of the most overlooked problems with tap water: the lack of enough Trace Elements in city water! If you are lucky enough to have good well water your goldfish will thrive and your "good bacteria" with flourish from all the trace elements in your water, however, the majority of Goldfish Collectors don't have this great natural water supply. That's why it's so very important and I find really overlooked, to add Trace Elements everytime you do a water change. Your goldfish and your life saving "good bacteria" need and use trace elements everyday to survive and city tap water just can not supply enough trace elements to maintain proper health. Our KoiRx Trace Elements will also help boost the immune system of your goldfish, enhance color and promote rapid growth.

3#. Water changes, water changes, water changes!!! Yes, they are that important!!! The most respected Ranchu Breeder in the U.S. changes 90% of his young ranchu's water every other day. His young Ranchus are as nice as any bred in Japan, grow fast and have great color. Now, I'm not saying you must change that amount of water to keep your goldfish healthy, however, a 25% to 50% water change once a week is much better than a 100% water change once a month.

 Test your Goldfish Aquarium water at least once a week for ammonia (should be 0), nitrite (should be 0), nitrates (the lower the better no higher than 40) and pH 7.5 and holding from one water change to another. If your pH is down that means your KH (carbonate hardness) is low in your water. Your Goldfish and your "good bacteria" need KH to survive and grow. Use a good buffer like our Buff-it-Up. Note: when using any good water conditioner that REMOVES ammonia like our De-Tox Plus you can not use a Nesslers Test Kit it will give you a false reading. One of the best Ammonia test kits on the market that will work with all water conditioners is the new ammonia test kit (made within the last four years) by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.

5#. The "Good Bugs": Keep them happy!
You know how I feel about keeping your "Good Bugs"(Good Bacteria) healthy in your goldfish aquarium! If your "Good Bugs" are happy and healthy your goldfish will be happy and healthy. Practice the above four water quality methods and your "Good Bugs" and goldfish will thrive!!
Giving your goldfish a proper water change is like a person walking from a smoked filled room into the fresh air.
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