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Growing big, beautiful, healthy goldfish fast!!
Here's how to grow big, beautiful, healthy Goldfish fast and it's fun!

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Caring for Goldfish
Opening a Springtime Goldfish Pond, Goldfish information

Every year around springtime I receive many questions for Goldfish information from Goldfish Collectors that have goldfish ponds. The proper care for goldfish in the spring that have been in goldfish ponds for the winter is very important!

There are a few goldfish care  factors you must consider when opening your goldfish pond in the spring. 

1- When to open your goldfish pond in the spring, really depends on the temperature of the water in your goldfish pond

2- The timing of the first feeding of your goldfish is VERY important in caring for goldfish . Goldfish will not be able to digest their food if the temperature of your pond water is not warm enough.

    A-  Do Not feed your goldfish their first feeding until the water in your goldfish pond reaches between 55 to 59 degrees and stays at that temperature.

     B- Do not feed a high protein food to goldfish for their first three or four meals. The reason is, your goldfish's digestive tract has been shut down all winter and will be stressed with a high protein food. Your goldfish should be fed a food that is very easy for them to digest. One of the best "first foods" you can feed goldfish in the spring is "Cheerios", that's right the breakfast cereal. Just break them up, they make a great first food for your goldfish or pond fish in the spring because they are very easy for your goldfish to digest.

3- Every springtime and every fall before you put your goldfish to rest for the winter, your goldfish should be treated for Flukes with Aqua Prazi . Plus, after your first four feedings of "Cheerios" in the spring, your goldfish should be fed our Medi-Gold for 10 to 14 days. The Medi-Gold well help your goldfish fight off any bacterial infections and give them all the vitamins and minerals they need for a good spring start. You can treat with Aqua Prazi and feed the Medi-Gold at the same time without harming your goldfish. 

Because of the cool temperature, your goldfish pond filter might not have enough "good bacteria" to keep your ammonia and nitrites down until the temperature increases. Therefore, you must test your goldfish pond water for high ammonia and nitrites on a daily basis. Plus, don't forget to test the pH AND KH (carbon hardness) in your goldfish pond "very important to avoid a deadly ph crash!"
Just follow these simple springtime goldfish pond rules and you'll have a pond full of big, beautiful goldfish to enjoy all summer.

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