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Preparing your Goldfish Pond for Winter

Preparing your Goldfish Pond for Winter  
Preparing your Goldfish pond for your Goldfish’s “winter nap”.

About thirty to sixty days BEFORE the temperature of your pond water drops below 65 degrees is the best time to treat your goldfish for flukes with Aqua Prazi and feed Medi Gold for ten days. This treatment will insure your Goldfish are fluke free and free of any bacterial infections before going into their long winters nap. The reasons for treating your goldfish at 65 degrees are the flukes, your goldfish’s metabolism and the medications all work at their peak in warmer water which makes the medications very effective. Any build up of organic debris such as leaves and sludge give off toxic gases (hydrogen sulfide) and should be removed from the bottom of your goldfish pond.

If your goldfish pond freezes over, prepare a method for keeping a small hole in the ice. This can be done with a heater or an air source. The preferred method used by most goldfish pond keepers is using a large air stone or aerator. The reason is, it’s less expensive to run all winter than a heater and is better for your goldfish because it helps remove any toxic gases that might form in your pond under the ice.

The location of the air source  is very important. Do not place the air stone at the bottom of your goldpond. The reason is, the water at the bottom of your goldpond is warmer and that’s where your goldfish will rest for the winter. Placing the air stone at the bottom of your goldpond will mix the warmer water at the bottom of your goldfish pond with the colder water at the top of your pond making your goldfish colder. The best location for the air stone is approximately six inches from the top of your goldfish pond water. It’s very important that you make sure the “hole” in the ice is open at all times (be careful of thin ice) and it should be checked everyday. A build up of snow on your pond will not hurt your goldfish, in fact, some people claim that a build up of snow insulates your goldfish pond from the frigid winds of winter.

Just following these simple steps will help your goldfish through the long winter months. Plus, when you have the time, please read about our new Arctic Blend, the pond keepers who tested it for us had excellent results. 


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