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Bruce, the giant Goldfish!
Congratulations from Goldfish Connection to Jackie & Louise Chan, of Tung-Hoi.
Tuesday January 22, 2002
'Bruce' the Giant Goldfish

DONGGUAN, China (Reuters) - Two Hong Kong fish breeders are angling for a place in the Guinness Book of Records with a giant goldfish the size of an average housecat.

``Bruce,'' more formally known as a Red Oranda, measures 37.2 cm (15 in) long and is big enough and strong enough to give any hungry tabby second thoughts.

Scooping up the writhing orange bundle with both hands, Louis Chan beamed and attributed Bruce's bulk to selective breeding, a good diet and plenty of exercise.

``Every fish breeder dreams of owning the biggest fish,'' said Louis as he and his brother Jackie showed off the grounds of their large fish farm in Dongguan in China's Guangdong province.
Guinness has no category for the longest goldfish, but the Chans secured a certificate of authentication from Chinese officials late last year and are confident Bruce will eventually win a place.

``It isn't the case that every fish, given the best conditions, can grow so big. We can predict which fry has the potential, but from there, we need to nurture them,'' said Louis, who preferred not to give away the secrets of Bruce's diet nor exercise regime.

The brothers are among a group of fish breeding pioneers from Hong Kong who moved their farms in the 1980s to southern China, where land and labor costs are far cheaper.
The Chans are set to make more waves in June when they release a new hybrid goldfish they successfully bred last year.

``Behind every successful new breed is five or six failures,'' said Louis as he held up the black and white Ranchu -- a variety of goldfish without dorsal fins.
``It takes at least three years to get a new variety,'' said Jackie, who together with his brother have bred more than 20 new varieties of goldfish in the last two decades.

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