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Probiotics in Goldfish Food

The importance of Probiotics in Goldfish Food! 

What are Probiotics and what vital role do they play in the health of our Goldfish?

A probiotic is an organism that contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract. Probiotics are also called “friendly, beneficial or good bacteria”. When an animal ingests probiotics, t hey help maintain a healthy intestinal tract and to fight illness. Probiotics in goldfish food  provide a protective effect when a proper balance of all bacteria in the intestine is maintained. Without the good bacteria "flora" in their intestinal tract, our goldfish fish are not be able to digest their goldfish food.

This balance can be interrupted by many things. Antibiotics can save lives when needed, but they do kill both the good AND bad bacteria in the intestinal tract.  Stress and illness can also throw off the natural balance between good and bad bacteria.  Diet plays a role in keeping everything in balance too.

There are many benefits to using probiotics in goldfish food. Probiotics help our goldfish digest their goldfish food and maintain normal cell growth. They also contribute to the maintenance of healthy, regular stools and healthy ph within the intestine. Probiotics are invaluable in restoring normal intestinal function after a goldfish is treated with antibiotics.

In summary, probiotics added to goldfish food can aid in keeping the goldfish healthy and strong by maintaining a balance between good and bad bacteria. A goldfish that has a nice, healthy intestinal tract will be able to benefit from the valuable nutrition in their goldfish food, fight off illness and recover faster from stress, than a goldfish that does not have this vital life saving support!

Here's a great example!!

The Kentucky Derby?
What does the Kentucky Derby have to do with Fish Food and your fish? Well, I'll tell you. I really enjoy watching the "Triple Crown" of horse racing, it's the only time of the year I become interested in horse racing. As you all know the first leg of the "Triple Crown" is the Kentucky Derby. A few years ago they had a horse running in the Derby by the name Invisible Ink. A year or so before the Derby, Invisible Ink had a medical problem that took high doses of antibiotics to cure him. He never returned to good health after that, no matter how much he ate, he remained very thin and out of condition.

So the owner of Invisible Ink wanted the horse to be put to sleep. After much pleading, the Trainer persuaded the Owner to keep the horse just for a few months to see if the Trainer could find someone that could help. The Trainer turned to an old country Vet friend for help. The Old Vet told the Trainer to buy some "farm made" buttermilk, pour it in a big bowl, set it in the sun for a day, scrape the flies from it and force feed it to the horse.

To make a long story short, Invisible Ink ran the Kentucky Derby one year later placing 2nd.

What was the secret of the buttermilk?
The Buttermilk replaced the good bacteria in the horse's intestinal tract that was destroyed by the antibiotics. Without the good bacteria the horse was not receiving the nutrition from his food, it was just passing through him. The same problem can happen with our Fish Friends, that's why we add a special probiotic "good bacteria" to many of our goldfish foods, if your goldfish need it, it's there to restore the flora in their intestinal tract, if not, your goldfish will just pass it through their system.

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