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Internal Goldfish Parasites
Internal Parasites in Goldfish

All living creatures, including goldfish can have parasites. Parasites are a natural occurrence, not really an illness. They become a goldfish health concern when our goldfish begins to suffer.
Parasites can be eliminated or at least controlled by following a few simple steps.

There are some obvious symptoms of parasite infestations in our goldfish. Goldfish that are overloaded with parasites will often appear listless. They may exhibit loss of weight even if they are eating a normal amount of goldfish food.

The most common internal parasite in koi and goldfish is the tape worm. Tape worms are long, fine, white, ribbon-like worms that can be found tangled in the intestines of the fish. If a goldfish becomes heavily infected, it will lose condition and could very likely suffer intestinal blockage.

As with many goldfish ailments, prevention is often the best defense. Quarantining new arrivals and observing them closely before releasing them into your established goldfish aquarium is one of the most valuable steps. One should avoid overstocking and crowding your goldfish aquarium or goldfish pond. Keep the water parameters perfect by providing clean water with no rotting goldfish food or plants. Avoid extreme temperature swings. Limit feeding live foods as they can introduce internal parasites into your system. And know your goldfish’s behavior.

Even with all these preventative measures, there will be times when one will need to treat the fish for internal parasites. Our product Metro-Meds is a very effective treatment for many types of internal parasites, however, it will not control tape worms, our Medi-Worm will control tape worms.

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