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Swim Bladder?????????

Does your Goldfish have a swim bladder problem??  OR  Is it constipated ??

Here's a good way to tell, however, you must use this treatment the very first time you find your goldfish upside down in your tank. 

Stop ALL  feeding for five days (no your goldfish will not starve to death), within three to four days your goldfish should be swimming normal if the problem is constipation. Then feed only skinned green peas for the next week. Once a goldfish becomes sensitive to feeding, it won't take much over feeding to cause constipation. I would suggest the following feeding program for goldfish that have constipation problems:

Feed just once aday, do not over feed:
Day 1- Pro-Gold
Day 2- Spirulina Flakes
Day 3- Pro-Gold
Day 4- No food
Day 5- Shelled green peas
Day 6- Pro-Gold
Day 7- Spirulina Flakes
Repeat above.

The green peas and spirulina will work like a laxative and the Pro-Gold will supply everything they need to stay healthy.  

Plus, please read the excellent research my friend and good Goldfish Collector Bob Thorn wrote about high nitrAtes "My Journey with Nitrates". High nitrates can cause floating.
Ninety percent of all the e-mails and phone calls I receive from Collectors that think their goldfish have a swim bladder problem, have goldfish that are constipated.

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