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The best way to keep your goldfish food fresh?
"What's the best way to store my fish food?"

First, let me share with you the four things that really effect the freshness of your goldfish food. Heat, Light, Air and Moisture.
Now lets talk about the options we have for storage:
The refrigerator, no heat, very little light, if the goldfish food is sealed in an "air tight" package no air, the problem with the "fridge" is, "Moisture", caused by condensation developing on the inside of the goldfish food package. So the "fridge" is out.
So lets try freezing our goldfish food, no Heat, no Light, no Air, if sealed in an "air tight" package and no Moisture. Sounds perfect! Only one problem, the "Fatty Acids" in the goldfish food become rancid very quickly when the goldfish food is thawed. If you are going to freeze your goldfish food, freeze it in small "air tight" packages that you will use within two to three days, max. 

Do not freeze large amounts of goldfish food that will take more than three days or weeks to feed, because it will spoil very fast.

Storing your goldfish food in an air tight package in a cool, dry place is the best. That's why I like the metallic bags we use to package our goldfish food in,you can press all the air out of of the bag and seal it air tight.

Please remember,all the good storage in the world, doesn't mean anything if your goldfish food is old when you buy it. Some goldfish foods pass many hands and lots of time before it reaches you. By the time goldfish foods are made at the mill, and sent to a "Master Distributor" then to a "Distributor" then to a "Wholesaler" then to the "Retailer" then to you, "how old is your goldfood??" And that's fast, compared to the goldfish food made in other countries that is shipped to the U.S. in very hot "containers" on ships that can take weeks to arrive here in the U.S.

Buy "American Made". The U.S. produces excellent high quality fish food. Don't be fooled by Ads, telling you goldfish food made in Japan or China is superior to "American Made" goldfish foods, it's just not true.
You know I'm going to tell you about our Fish Foods we offer. Our goldfish foods like our
Pro-Gold    are developed for us by Dr. Matthews a Veterinarian and Doctor of Animal Nutrition, with over tweny years in Aqua-Culture research. Our Fish Foods are made in a FDA inspected, certified Mill. From us to you and no middleman, guarantees freshness to you! Plus!!! our fish food is American Made!! 

Thank You for your time,
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