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Good goldfish care means keeping your goldfish aquarium filter healthy!
Keeping your Goldfish Aquarium filter healthy!

Good goldfish care means having a healthy goldfish filter to help keep your goldfish free from goldfish disease!

The only time you want to change the filter pads in your goldfish filter is when the water exiting from your filter decreases in volume. Filter materials remove the waste in your goldfish pond or goldfish aquarium water and are considered the "Mechanical' part of your goldfish filter.

Every GOOD goldfish filter should have a media upon which your "good bacteria" can grow. This is referred to as the "Biological" part of your filter. That's what our "Bio-Stars " are used for, they provide an excellent surface for growing good bacteria. It's the "Biological", or "Bio", part of your filter you really must "baby".  The "Bio" part of your filter makes the difference in the health of your fish. Good goldfish food, water changes and tender loving care will not keep your goldfish happy or free from goldfish disease   without the "good bacteria" in your filter   to keep your goldfish pond or goldfish aquarium water free from ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.
NEVER rinse your "Bio" media or any other part of your filter under city tap water. The chlorine in your tap water will kill all the "good bacteria" on the media. Let me share with you the best way to "gently" clean your filter media. When I say "gently", I mean you never want your "Bio" media to be shiny clean. You want the media to have a coat of "slim" ("good bacteria") on it. About every 30 to 60 days, or when you see any "Sludge" building up on your "Bio" media, "gently" rinse them back and forth in a bucket of the water that you just removed while doing a water change in your goldfish aquarium. Then replace the media back into your filter.

It takes a powerful goldfish filter like the Emperor 400 for good goldfish care, to help cut down on goldfish disease.

Please remember , you must treat your "good bacteria" like your goldfish. Good bacteria needs oxygen and food (the ammonia your fish produce) to survive. You can't shut off your goldfish filter for hours and think your "good bacteria" is still alive. They will die from lack of oxygen. You can not run your filter without fish in your goldfish aquarium if you want your "good bacteria" to live, they will die without the ammonia from your goldfish to survive. Good goldfish care means healthy "good bacteria" to help cut back on goldfish disease!! 

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