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Q: Where do you keep this frozen food after you open the jar?

The food is not frozen, it is freezed dried. Store it in the air tight jar in a cool dry place and it will last for many months.

Dear Mr. Hess, I just received a shipment of your freeze dried bloodworms, brine shrimp and a container of Metro-Med's (better safe than sorry!), due to the fact that I am very impressed with your other food including Medi-Gold. I can't wait to start feeding them their latest freeze dried treats from Goldfish Connection. My fish are now exclusively being fed Pro-Gold, spirulina flakes and your freeze dried food along with their peas, and I have to say that the change is absolutely amazing. They are more active, they are growing like wildfire and are as happy as can be. Just to let you know, they were not fed inexpensive food prior to getting them started on your food. I had fed them what is known as the best imported goldfish food on the market! But the rapid change in my goldies when I started feeding them the food from Goldfish Connection was amazing, and it was all the proof I needed! The freshness of your products makes such a difference and I never need to worry about the quality of the food. Thank You, Jeanne H. ,Texas - Jeanne

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