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Prevents pH crashes!

"pH crashes" can be deadly!!! pH is like a building, if it is not built on a good foundation it will not stand. pH WILL drop when you do not have a high calcium carbonate count in your water (kH) the foundation your pH needs. Buff-it-Up is a safe, natural kH builder that will maintain a solid foundation for your pH. and will prevent those deadly "pH crashes" 20 oz.

Q: "How much Buff-it-Up do I add to my tank to make sure my pH will remain steady?"

I'm asked this question many times: "How much Buff-it-Up do I add to my tank to make sure my pH will remain steady?" My answer: Using Buff-it-Up There is no set dosage. There are no two tanks with the same water conditions, even in the same household, therefore, each tank will require a different dosage. I would suggest you do a 50% water change, check your pH, if it's 7 or better, then wait 48 hours and check your pH again. If it is below 7, I would add one eighth teaspoon of Buff-it-Up per 10 gallons of water and check your pH in one hour, if it stayed the same add another dosage. You will continue to test your pH for one week, until you find the right dosage of Buff-it-Up to hold your pH above 7 or better from one water change to another, which should be at least once a week. It's just a matter of testing.

Rick, Terrific product! Have been using it awhile and it keeps my ph stable. No messing around with it until next water change, unlike other products. Thanks! Rachel, NC - Rachel Spainhour

First of all, our water (as do most) have a very low PH and no matter what I would do to buffer the levels it would still remain low. This was not only frustrating, but I fear that my fish were beginning to fair ill as well. I ordered "Buff-it-up" from you guys and added the recommended doze to my tank after a 25% water change on Friday - lo and behold, the levels immediately showed improvement where the alkalinity and PH now measuring in the safe/recommended zones. This was after one single treatment!!! I measured the levels daily all weekend and they have held steady and safe, a first for me. I am sooo excited! Mary S. Washington - Mary S.

Hello Rick, Goldfish connection has provided so much valuable information on goldfish care. Thank you! Received Buff-it-Up and happily, it has performed as promised, getting a difficult-to-raise 6.4PH up to 7.4 with one application. Some other PH adjusters did not work, and this product does what it says it will do. Am looking forward to trying ProGold, which also arrived with my order. - Indivar

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